The Contempirist Atlantic Beach is a beach community established in Long Island, immediately outside New York City. This place is filled with lot of modest home design from 1920s anf 30s in the Tudor, Spanish and Art Deco style. One of the amazing home in there is The 3600 SF. This home built for a family with two children. To provide privacy this house has closed facade, while its main room is opened to the park side. The groundfloor connecting the owner to the outdoor area, and provide nice living room for the owner, while the second floor used for the bedrooms. This house has a rooftop with panoramic views of island and ocean.

Luxury house in Kowalewsky Residence – The 3600 SF House

The 3600 SF luxury house looks from the outside

The 3600 SF luxury house in Kowalewsky residence – exterior view

This luxury house also designed minimalist and modern

The 3600 SF luxury house in Kowalewsky residence – interior view

The stairs of 3600 SF house designed in separated style

The 3600 SF luxury house has rooftop with panoramic sea view

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