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2401, 2013

Kid’s Bedroom Designed with Vibrant Colors and Texture

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Kids have many dreams, one thing that we have to do is don’t ever destroy their dreams. Kids dream could come in many ways, one of them is by designing their room into something that can inspire their imagination.
According to the designers at Neopolis, this children’s bedroom was implemented […]

609, 2011

A Simple and Attractive Red Box House

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Here is the simple box home design in red color. Indeed a very attractive building, as seen in the picture. The house built in letter L shape. Although the Red box house is not wide enoug, we can still feel the spacious area inside the house. It’s because the right […]

2602, 2011

Gorgeous Wood House Located In The Middle Of Forest

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Let’s talk about the gorgeous of forest air, and what if we have a house surrounded by forest. For the example is wood house by Seattle-based Finne Architects. This house is a very great living area, almost whole of outer part is covered with wooden and large glass walls, it […]