1801, 2013

Savvy Shopping: Buying a Custom Made Sofa

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Customising furniture pieces is a concept that most people have yet to embrace. For one, they think that customising is far more difficult than just buying a piece that is already available in the market. Other people find it hard to visualise a certain form, let alone design a particular […]

1801, 2013

Five Easy ways to Change your House into Your Home

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If you want to make your house more comfortable so that it feels more like a home consider some small changes that will allow you to not only feel more comfortable yourself but to also make your visitors feel more comfortable when they visit.

The colors that you choose to paint […]

612, 2012

Marcin Wielgosz’s Innovative and Functional Sofa

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Head designer at merely, Marcin Wielgosz, has created wonderful and functional sofa called Hocky. Hocky is a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, made entirely of segments which once sticked together, form a comfy sofa. Each segments have their own individual functionality. It is serving as armchairs.

Hocky’s […]

1204, 2011

Reading Sofa Which Looks Elevating Above The Books

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Reading Sofa Which Looks Elevating Above The Books” description=”Ransa is a sofa with a creative design that serves as a space saver multi-function furniture and sofa.” rev_name=”Reading Sofa Which Looks Elevating Above The Books” rev_body=”Love this sofa so much! You can read while take a seat on […]

404, 2011

Multimedia Integrated Sofa called Athena

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Here is one of the furniture that apply technological advances, Athena, which is a sofa that mated with electronic entertainment in the form of an integrated computer. With the computer we can access the work station along with multimedia entertainment, so while we work on this sofa, we can directly […]

104, 2011

Stylish Sofa with “Two Personality”

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This sofa called Split Personality is designed by Ditte Maigaard from Ditte Maigaard Studio. The differences in a relationship make a huge inspiration for the desginer to design this sofa, its shown in a view of two opposite personality that built in it. We can choose the texture(grey or multicolors) […]