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2501, 2013

How to Achieve A Modern and Clean Look

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A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. A well-decorated and aesthetically designed home can improve your overall well being and create a haven for you and your family. The way you design the interiors is a significant factor that makes your home more inviting, relaxing and pleasing. The decorative elements that […]

2401, 2013

Doghouse In Modern Sofa

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You have dog at home? And sometimes he distrub your relaxing break? You should read this article. Sofa Dog Houses is the latest breakthrough was designed for you and your dog at home. Dog House Sofa, designed by “Min n Mun” is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal […]

401, 2011

Modern Violet French Style Kitchen Design Ideas

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This is a contemporary kitchen designs and luxurious with a touch of French style. And because of this kitchen design is made by companies from France, Mobapla. Purple and white color that blankets the entire space of this kitchen make this kitchen design becomes a very comfortable place to cook. […]

2511, 2010

Beautiful Pinewood House by Nordicasa Design and Construction

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Located in valdelinearas ski resort, Spain. This house looks so beautiful and luxurius. Very amazing wooden home design, Architect Jaak Kangro(one of chief designers of Nordicasa Design and Construction) who designed this house used 165mm laminated pinewood.The house is also equipped with all modern twist. There’s front facade, […]