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809, 2011

Phinney Residence, Modern Living Space with Vivid Architectural and Landscape

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The 2510-square-foot detached residence in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood has a very small, but modern features, the choice of the owner’s furniture and wall paneling and a system of intelligent life for small residential town: “the reverse floor plan (living on the third level), allowing the main spaces to easily […]

104, 2011

Modern House with Modern Interior Design

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This modern house is the result of a great mix between the architects of Taylor Smyth with Mungle Leung Design Studio in its interior design. located in a modern 7300 square foot home on a ravine in Toronto,However, this house has a simple exterior design, with accents made of concrete, […]

1101, 2011

Elegant Natural Table design with Planters in the Middle

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Emily Wettstein provides an inspiration table with a stylish and simple way. This is all in one feature furniture, the tables have a combination of plants and interior that can beautify the home. This table is made with the aim to create space naturally without the use of additional furniture […]

2012, 2010

Modern White-Purple Bedroom Design with Zig Zag Shelves

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Here is an interesting and modern bedroom designs, this design could be appropriate idea for your bedroom. It is dominated by two colors, purple and white. The combination of these colors also make the lighting in the room becomes bright and perfect. Fitted with white bed and purple mattress make […]