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712, 2011

Mont-ras Residence Modern House Design Reminiscent of Stone Fortresses

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Here is the construction of a modern, clean and sleek architecture design of Mont-ras Residence. Mont-ras Residence is a work of the collaboration of Spanish architect Marta Garcia-Orte with Principal of Zamagni Zamora, Antonio Zamora.This minimalist and modern house situated in Mont-ras, a mostly […]

2909, 2011

Contemporary Euryalus Street House Designed to Keep Cool in Summer

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Australian studio Luigi Rosselli Architects had just finished a project the contemporary house called Euryalus Street House. Here is the architect’s description about Euryalus Street House: “The plan of this house has two distinct wings and a narrow connection between the two. The connection contains […]

1204, 2011

Modern Meet Rustic Home Concept On The Edge Of The City

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This contemporary home designed for the entrepreneur who wants to be close to his family but still can feel the cool air in the corner of the city. This is the work of the architect from Netherlands, Arjen Reas, this house features good views of the farmland around. So we […]

804, 2011

Modern Penthouse with Garden in the Rooftop – Girard Townhouse

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Brett Webber Architects has designed a house called Girard Townhouse. Founded in 2900 square feet of land on Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Girard Townhouse home was designed as 3 floors. with elevated design was then made rooftop garden and penthouse, over there we could see Girard University which is located right […]

104, 2011

Modern House with Modern Interior Design

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This modern house is the result of a great mix between the architects of Taylor Smyth with Mungle Leung Design Studio in its interior design. located in a modern 7300 square foot home on a ravine in Toronto,However, this house has a simple exterior design, with accents made of concrete, […]

3103, 2011

“House S” – a Modern Simple White House

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Modern Simple White House front view

Modern Simple White House front view

Modern and simple design, beautiful house, and almost all the interior design choice for the white color of the sheet. Create a room […]