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511, 2012

Selecting Best Bathroom Accessories for Your Bathroom

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For the décor, feel and functionality of a bathroom, bathroom accessories play a significant role. The right accessories in the bathroom make the feel of a bathroom extremely ravishing. One can choose the cheapest accessories and yet make the decoration of a bathroom inexplicably stylish and wonderful. Choosing the right […]

302, 2012

Modern Bathroom Interior Improvements by Blanca Sanchez

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Besides the bedroom, the bathroom is our another private room in the house. As a private room of course we want our bathroom to be comfortable, and if you are looking for inspiration for that, here is the stunning modern bathroom interior improvements by Blanca Sanchez from Halo Design Interiors.

And here are some words from the designers about […]

1304, 2011

Contemporary House Design with Stainless Steel Kitchen by Nicholas Murray

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Warehouse isn’t always dirty and messy, but it can also be a good place to live. Here’s an example, a house designed by Nicholas Murray is located in the west of Melbourne, Australia. This house was built with a touch of contemporary themes. But doesn’t forget […]

104, 2011

Modern House with Modern Interior Design

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This modern house is the result of a great mix between the architects of Taylor Smyth with Mungle Leung Design Studio in its interior design. located in a modern 7300 square foot home on a ravine in Toronto,However, this house has a simple exterior design, with accents made of concrete, […]

101, 2011

Amazing Modern Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas by Floral

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The bathroom is an important part of our house, and all homes have this important room. mendi room is also often used as a place to Spend much time. Of course, if the bathroom has a beautiful design, will be somewhere more comfortable again. Here is one of them, wooden […]

101, 2011

Modern Black Theme Bathroom by MiCasa

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Something bright are not always attract, sometimes dark themes can also be a beautiful thing. The proof is a contemporary black design of this bathroom. This is a bathroom design that was designed by MiCasa. Although the black shades, but there is absolutely no sinister impression of the bathroom is, […]