minimalist house

609, 2011

Minimalist House with Blend of Black, White, and Grey Decorations – minimalist home.

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This is a minimalist house with a good blend of black, white, and grey. Wooden beams on the ceiling gives the impression of natural, they look rough but very organic. To highlight the color of the ceiling the designers make all the white space and fill it with […]

2208, 2011

Contemporary Spanish House with Beautiful Art Collections

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Today, many homes in Spain built with a touch of art. For example is this contemporary spanish house. The house is beautiful with originality wit, and natural art and built, sure the owner is an art collector. The house has four floors and it’s located in Madrid, Spain, the spanish […]

1304, 2011

Simple and Irregular-Shaped Home Design called OH House

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This is an irregular-shaped and small house design which will make some inspirations to us. The house called Oh House designed by Japanese firm, Atelier Tekuto, built to accomodate of six people and has the main priority to place parking space. And because of it, the entrance door of this […]

304, 2011

Minimalist House Design called Sinus House

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Cebra Architects recently completed a minimalist home in Denmark, with the profile of black and white exterior. Sinus House is intended to combine the wish having a large glass area and views with their personal wish. Rooms in the house has been connected to an independent block which forms the […]

1001, 2011

Simple Minimalist House but Smart Home Design Ideas in Germany

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Small house wasnt always uncomfortable for occupancy, with flair and ingenuity we can create an exceptional home. The proof is the design house of “House V” by Jakob Bader following architecture. The small house which designed with smart is located in Unterfoehring Munich, Germany. The interesting thing that can be […]

601, 2011

Modern Minimalist Black Home Design Ideas by Andres Remy

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This Black Modern Home Design Ideas is designed for young couples. The exterior of this house entirely black, and has dark angle. The house is small and has a minimalist design is very comfortable for a new life. Important area in this house divided into 2 parts, one located in […]