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1201, 2011

The Luxury House Design 3600 SF by Belmont Freeman Architects

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The Contempirist Atlantic Beach is a beach community established in Long Island, immediately outside New York City. This place is filled with lot of modest home design from 1920s anf 30s in the Tudor, Spanish and Art Deco style. One of the amazing home in there is The 3600 SF. […]

801, 2011

Luxury House Design with Sense of Antiquity

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Here is a luxurious home designs that combine antiquity touch with a variety of luxury finishes and modern in it. The house is situated near the lake Minnentonka, Locust Hills. Clients of Charlie & Co.Design want a house that has made the taste of eternity and seen already built thousands […]

201, 2011

Palm Desert Residence – Luxurious and Elegant Home Design

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Heliotrope Architecture and Audrey Alberts Designs has successfully designed a house without the level of a modern and elegant. The house is a Palm Desert Residence is located in California. The palm desert residence has a low-pitched roofs, open layout and uneven ground around the patio, […]