Living room

2501, 2013

How to Achieve A Modern and Clean Look

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A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. A well-decorated and aesthetically designed home can improve your overall well being and create a haven for you and your family. The way you design the interiors is a significant factor that makes your home more inviting, relaxing and pleasing. The decorative elements that […]

1801, 2013

Five Easy ways to Change your House into Your Home

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If you want to make your house more comfortable so that it feels more like a home consider some small changes that will allow you to not only feel more comfortable yourself but to also make your visitors feel more comfortable when they visit.

The colors that you choose to paint […]

2302, 2011

Black and White Living Room Ideas With TV Slide Construction by Firmar

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Do you looking for inspiration to design your living room to be a beautiful one? Here you may be able to get it, look at the beautiful living room design by Firmar. Firmar a big Italian company that has specialized in the production of good quality furnitures […]

2812, 2010

Day – The Minimalist Furniture for Living Room Ideas

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“Day”is how designer Paco Moreno and Kiko Alcade call their work. That is a modern minimalist living room which is collection of a Spanish company, Circulo Muebles. The design is attractive living room with a contrast color combinations and unique cabinets. That is amazing cabinet with a mix of glossy […]

2212, 2010

Artistic Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

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Living room is one of the most interesting room in the house. It is a place where we can spend more of our time with our families, get entertainment at home, and also an interesting place for our guests. Many ideas for pouring creativity in building a comfortable living room. […]

1112, 2010

Luxurious-Minimalist House in Southern California by Asembledge+

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The Ridgewood Residence designed by Assembledge+ is located in Southern California. This luxurious and minimalist house has a series of areas that are very great. One is the glass-cornered living room that does not just give out the beautiful scenery but also the owners will feel as though […]