1801, 2013

Five Easy ways to Change your House into Your Home

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If you want to make your house more comfortable so that it feels more like a home consider some small changes that will allow you to not only feel more comfortable yourself but to also make your visitors feel more comfortable when they visit.

The colors that you choose to paint […]

1712, 2010

Pavilion Bamboo House for Green House Design Idea

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Issue of global warming is a global issue that really steal the attention of people around the world. Communities are now beginning to look for various ways to solve the problem of global warming. Starting from the action of planting trees, reducing emision, until an alternative environmentally friendly homes. The […]

1512, 2010

Joglo House, a Unique Traditional Home Concept

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Joglo house is a traditional house from Java, Indonesia. although Joglo is home to the traditional type, but many are implemented in current designs. This is one example satuu Joglo house located in Bukit Serpong Damai Residence, Indonesia.


1512, 2010

Hawaiian Tropical House Design

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Tropical house is one of the most popular design idea people love, especially those who are residing in the tropics. And this is one good reference for those of you who want to realize that dream. Tropical house in rural Maui, Hawaii, by Pete Bossley Architects. With a […]