Home improvement

1701, 2014

Kitchens on a Budget

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With financial pressures still affecting most people in the UK, it can be difficult to save up enough for those essential jobs like a replacement kitchen. However it is possible to get a designer kitchen look such as those sold at Nicholas Anthony on a budget […]

1801, 2013

Home Improvement and Garage Maintenance

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Every once in a while, there arises the need to change the look of one’s home. This is per the needs of the residents. There are several reasons as to why one may opt to change the look of the home. Could be that they want to forget past events […]

712, 2012

Dull and Drab Flooring? Affordable DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips

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Wood floors make a home warm and inviting. Over the years however, these once vibrant floors can become dull. If your flooring is now dull and drab, you do not have to start budgeting for an entire flooring system replacement. There are a number of ways that you can take […]

712, 2012

Five Things You can do to Revamp Your Home

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If you are looking for some effective yet affordable ways to go about revamping the home and giving it an entirely new look, then you are in luck; there are a number of changes that you can make to spaces in your home to improve its overall appearance without having […]