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1304, 2011

Contemporary House Design with Stainless Steel Kitchen by Nicholas Murray

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Warehouse isn’t always dirty and messy, but it can also be a good place to live. Here’s an example, a house designed by Nicholas Murray is located in the west of Melbourne, Australia. This house was built with a touch of contemporary themes. But doesn’t forget […]

904, 2011

Simple White and Minimalist Kitchen Design – Emetrica by Ernestomeda

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Emetrica is a white simple, elegant, and neat kitchen. This kitchen is a design of Ernestoda. The design is very simple with nice details in it, like full-height handles on the duplicators that integrated well so be nice and stylish. White color throughout the room meets the kitchen, and with […]

304, 2011

Minimalist House Design called Sinus House

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Cebra Architects recently completed a minimalist home in Denmark, with the profile of black and white exterior. Sinus House is intended to combine the wish having a large glass area and views with their personal wish. Rooms in the house has been connected to an independent block which forms the […]

1001, 2011

Highteak The Versatile Kitchen Design Ideas by Salvarini Kitchen

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Here is a kitchen design created by Slavarini […]

3012, 2010

Modern Italian Style Kitchen Design Ideas by Sciffini

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The following is a modern kitchen design with Italian style designed by Schiffini Architecture. This kitchen design can make your appetite becomes more appetizing. Also with the family dining atmosphere will become warmer, plus the delicious food served at the dining table by designer Alfredo Haeberli. The […]

3012, 2010

Modern Kitchen Design without Upper Cabinets

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Although the design of this kitchen without upper cabinets, but this kitchen still looks charming. So that this kitchen looks so simple and has a lot of space to cook freely. Empty space on the wall  is used to wide glass as a substitute for upper cabinets. With glass walls, […]