Emetrica is a white simple, elegant, and neat kitchen. This kitchen is a design of Ernestoda. The design is very simple with nice details in it, like full-height handles on the duplicators that integrated well so be nice and stylish. White color throughout the room meets the kitchen, and with a simple kitchen furniture design, the kitchen is the room look very neat. With a minimalist atmosphere in the kitchen so it becomes more feel. Emetrica also has a wooden table and chairs, which serves as a means of cooking in a relaxed and can also be a place you taste the results cuisine. Emetrica is perfect for those of you who love luxury but simple.

"Emetrica - simple and sleek kitchen design"

Emetrica is a simple and sleek kitchen design idea

"Emetrica - luxurious and minimalist kitchen"

This Kitchen looks luxurious and minimalist

"wooden table in Emetrica"

Additional wooden table in Emetrica

"cupboards, cabinets, and shelves for kitchen equipment"

cupboards, cabinets, and shelves for kitchen equipment

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