2501, 2013

How to Fix a Broken Floor Tile without Pulling Your Hair Out

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While tile is very durable, even the highest quality tiles are not indestructible. If you drop something heavy at just the right angle it can lead to unattractive cracks on just one of the dozens of tiles you have installed throughout your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. But when you […]

2401, 2013

Kid’s Bedroom Designed with Vibrant Colors and Texture

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Kids have many dreams, one thing that we have to do is don’t ever destroy their dreams. Kids dream could come in many ways, one of them is by designing their room into something that can inspire their imagination.
According to the designers at Neopolis, this children’s bedroom was implemented […]

2401, 2013

Doghouse In Modern Sofa

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You have dog at home? And sometimes he distrub your relaxing break? You should read this article. Sofa Dog Houses is the latest breakthrough was designed for you and your dog at home. Dog House Sofa, designed by “Min n Mun” is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal […]

2301, 2013

Making Sure You Don’t Get Surprised By Smaller Spaces

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Life is full of surprises, but sometimes it is good to know what to expect. No one likes too many surprises, and there are some of them that are just plain inconvenient. Knowing what to expect can really make your days a lot easier, especially when you are talking about […]

2301, 2013

3 Tips for Revamping Your Kitchen Floors

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Out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen may be the most important when it comes to redecorating. It is a place for gathering, and for some families, the most frequented room in the house.Everyone looks forward to a great meal with the family around the kitchen table. […]

2201, 2013

Add the Finishing Touch to Any Room with A Feature Wall

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These days, getting your home’s decoration to the height of fashion seems easier than ever to achieve, and not to mention a good deal cheaper than it used to be, but why is this? Well, for one, the historical tendency to fill your home with as much lavish furniture and […]