Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Drucker Arquitetura Architects has designed a beautiful modern mansion on the hill Morumbi among many of the remaining trees in the courtyard of the Foundation Maria Luiza and Oscar Americano. The house is located in the area (which occupies about 1,000 square meters) with open concepts. It has a large frame with glass between the inside and outside. Morumbi residence offers luxury accommodation. In the living room, dining room and office, it is revealed behind the high gates completely removed in all the rooms are linked by a large loft. The floor is almost entirely wooden. on the outside there is a swimming pool surrounded by trees so that when we swim can enjoy fresh views. Implementing green architecture, this modern mansion also has a waste water treatment, solar collectors, cross ventilation, windows to control heat, synthetic rubber insulation, the digital control lighting, recycled materials and wood.

Morumbi Residence –  Contemporary House Design

Morumbi Residence – Modern Mansion with green area

Morumbi Residence – the garden from house side view

Morumbi Residence – guest room view

Morumbi Residence – the large glass to see the swimmingpool and outside

Morumbi Residence – bedroom design

Morumbi Residence – bedroom for youth

Morumbi Residence – the bathroom

Morumbi Residence – modern kitchen design

Morumbi Residence – dining room

Morumbi Residence – this house also have outdoor dining area

Morumbi Residence – sliding glass door installed in

Photos by João Ribeiro