With financial pressures still affecting most people in the UK, it can be difficult to save up enough for those essential jobs like a replacement kitchen. However it is possible to get a designer kitchen look such as those sold at Nicholas Anthony on a budget by following these top tips.


Buy During the Sales

The first tip when looking for a great kitchen on a budget is to buy during the sales. There are certain times of year when kitchen retailers heavily discount their stock or have special offers which give you the opportunity to save money on the regular retail price. The most common sale times are Boxing Day, early January, during Bank Holiday weekends and mid-summer. At these times, retailers may offer a fixed percentage off the price of kitchens or offer promotions such as buy one cupboard door and get another free.  Work out which offer saves you the most money before you buy your new kitchen.


Buy End of Lines and Display Kitchens

Another money-saving tip is to buy an end of line kitchen. These are typically styles that manufacturers are no longer producing but retailers still have in stock. Generally these kitchens are significantly reduced in price to clear them, making way for new season stock. There is also the option of buying ex-display kitchens from retailers too. These are kitchens that have been on-show in their stores and as they are classed as ‘used’ they are unable to sell them at their usual price. As display kitchens have never been physically used as a kitchen i.e. no food preparation has been done in them, they provide the perfect opportunity for you to get a kitchen at a bargain price.


A luxury kitchen could be yours without the price tag

Look Out for Package Deals

Package deals are another way to save money when buying a kitchen, especially if appliances are required. Some kitchen retailer’s bundle items together such as ovens, hobs and refrigerators and sell them at a price cheaper than buying each item individually. Alternatively, retailers may offer free appliances with fully fitted kitchens to entice you to buy. However although some of these deals may look like great ways to save, try not to get sucked in ordering packages that contain some appliances or items that you didn’t intend to buy in the first place as they could actually cost you more money.



Another way to get a new kitchen on a tight budget is to recycle and there are a number of ways to do this. Firstly, there is the option to buy a second hand kitchen. Some people choose to take out kitchens that don’t suit their taste when they buy a new house. These kitchens might still be in very good condition, with plenty of life left in them and are generally sold at a good price in comparison to the original ‘new’ price.


A less than impressive kitchen

You can also save money by only replacing certain elements in your kitchen. If the carcasses of your kitchen are still in good condition, you can give your kitchen a new lease of life by simply installing new worktops and cupboard doors instead of replacing the entire kitchen.

By following any of these top tips, your new kitchen will cost you less than you think.

Image credits: NancyHugoCKD and Ladypoetess