Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be costly. The home is the place where you relax and unwind at the end of the today, so take your time creating a nice atmosphere and creating an environment that reflects your personality and style. This article contains ideas for making your home look more appealing without investing much money.


The right plant or flower can enhance the feel of an entire room. Ideally plants should be well matched with the existing decorations, and many people take their inspiration for colour schemes from flowers. Matching colours with curtains, ornaments or other plants can really help to tie the room together. If you’re a neglectful gardener then you could always consider artificial plants.

The right plant or flower can enhance the feel of an entire room

The right plant or flower can enhance the feel of an entire room


Cushions, rugs, throws and other soft furnishings are a great to lighten a space a compliment design patterns and colours. They’re a simple way of adding life to a boring room quickly and easily, adding warmth and comfort. Shaggy and wool rugs like these from World Rugs, are particularly comfortable for people and pets.

Posh Zebra Rug Pattern with Stylish Brown Couch and White Tender Sofa

Posh Zebra Rug Pattern with Stylish Brown Couch and White Tender Sofa


Use Colour

We’re generally advised to use neutral colours in our home, for re-sale purposes at least, but that doesn’t mean that the home can’t be full of colour. Artwork, ornaments and furnishings are all opportunities to add interesting colours. For the best results pick a colour theme that can run throughout the home. Look for complimentary colours such as lime green and red or yellow and purple. You wouldn’t want to paint your whole house yellow and purple but they make good complimentary colour accents.

Make Small Adjustments

Making tiny changes to a room, such as doorknobs, drawer handles and light fittings is a great way to improve the overall feeling of a room. You your visitors may not notice these small details immediately but they improve the overall perception of the space.

Lights, Windows and Mirrors

If you have small rooms that struggle to get enough light, ensure that natural light is not being blocked by bulky curtains or blinds, improve light fittings or add mirrors. Mirrors help to add light and create the illusion of additional space. They’re the perfect way to improve the look of any room, especially when placed near a light source.

Brown Sofa Under Rounded Mirrors In Wall

Brown Sofa Under Rounded Mirrors In Wall


Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds fade over time, especially in sun-soaked rooms. Faded curtains make a room look dated, so replacing them or opting for a new set of blinds can help it to appear more modern and stylish. It can be demanding work, but manufacturing your own curtains from fabrics is achievable.


Fireplaces make great focal points for a room, and fake fireplaces can improve the atmosphere just as much as fireplaces attached to chimneys. Reasonably priced fireplace facades can be found at antiques stores.

A Lick of Paint

Painting can be hard work, but if you get a good price on the paint, or have leftovers from the last time you painted, it is one of the cheapest ways to make a room like shiny and new. Use rollers for good paint distribution and ensure that you open windows and doors to provide good air circulation while the paint is drying.