Here is 3600 square foot beach house was designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.  Houses located on Jupiter Island, Florida, separated in three areas: the rest space, entertaining space , and contemplative living space. Each segment of this contemporary beach house is oriented to capture light and views. Fritted glass ceramic kitchen and dining room produces translucent light and visual play for south-facing room. Textured face of the north-facing bedroom underscores the ancient wisdom of worn stone, a sensitivity perfect for intimate spaces soft morning light and tranquility wrapped it in line. Located on the beach, the house affords direct access to water, strengthen the close relationship to the site and spontaneity of island life.

Contemporary beach house design with rooftop swimmingpool

Contemporary beach house with rooftop swimming pool – exterior view

Contemporary beach house with rooftop swimming pool – side view

Modern entrance of Contemporary beach house

Interior design of Contemporary beach house

Though without lamp this home still looks bright because the light is provided by the oriented segments

Wide glazing wall to provide light

We can see through the swimming pool from the living room

The rooftop swimmingpool provide panoramic ocean view

The pool chair also used as beach chair

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