Wooden House

2611, 2011

The Avenue Residence, Two Homes in One Single Structure

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The Avenue Residence is two homes linked as one, this beautiful home was designed by Neil Architecture and is a multi-residential building located in Melbourne, Australia. Here is the architects description about The Avenue Residence: “as a rejection of this prevailing model, the project sought to sensitively […]

2602, 2011

Gorgeous Wood House Located In The Middle Of Forest

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Let’s talk about the gorgeous of forest air, and what if we have a house surrounded by forest. For the example is wood house by Seattle-based Finne Architects. This house is a very great living area, almost whole of outer part is covered with wooden and large glass walls, it […]

701, 2011

Unusual Abstract Wooden House in Curved Shape

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I am sure you will be surprised when you first see the house design below. The shape is quite unusual and different from the other. Of course a house like this can not be found easily anywhere. This is an abstract design of the house. Abstract house was designed by […]

201, 2011

Amazing Wooden House Design called Mulligan Residence

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This is a luxury wooden house design called Mulligan residence. A house designed by Rick Berry of Scott Edwards Architecture, located in the manzanita, Oregon. Large and spacious house has many features wall glazing. So this house does not require much lamps energy when daylight. In addition, this house also […]

1712, 2010

Pavilion Bamboo House for Green House Design Idea

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Issue of global warming is a global issue that really steal the attention of people around the world. Communities are now beginning to look for various ways to solve the problem of global warming. Starting from the action of planting trees, reducing emision, until an alternative environmentally friendly homes. The […]