1611, 2011

SN House in Brazil Made for Large Family Who Loves to Have Many Guests

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Do you and your family love to have many guest in the week-end? If yes, the residence below must be very suitable for you. It’s SN House which designed by  Studio Guilherme Torres, and SN House especially developed for family who loves to have many guests. SN House is a modern […]

1411, 2011

Schuler Villa Compact Home in Switzerland That Will Keep The Owner Privacy

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The residence below is designed to keep the privacy of the owner. As you can see that the side facing the street is pretty closed, while the oppocite facade is open towards beautiful yard. It’s Schuler Villa which designed by Andrea Pelati Architecte. The dark color […]

2710, 2011

Modern Villa of Dune House Displays Beautiful Rooftop Design

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Here is the floating modern villa located in Suffolk, England which have a great architectural design. The house called Dune House is a work of Norwegian architect, Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter. Dune House is too beautiful if it become a single family house, therefore the owners […]