911, 2011

Natural Stone Bathroom Sinks Which Makes Your Bathroom More Fresh

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For you who love the beauty of the bathroom with natural elements like stone, sand, or glass. the following we will show a natural furniture that looks attractive and original, please welcome Natural Stone Bathroom Sinks. they have different colors and shapes on each models, but this is […]

2408, 2011

Trendy Black and White Washbasin Collections in Stylish Design

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The combination of white and black, looks beautiful and elegant. Therefore Bathco presents their new collection, Decorado wahsbasin in black and white colors. Patterns and colors for a special atmosphere in the room. Most sinks can be installed as a desk or a wall, allowing […]

604, 2011

A Unique And Simple Wooden Sink Design – Corten by A3 Studio

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Here is a unique modern sink design with natural touches of wooden materials. Its a highly sink design called Corten, this one designed by A3 Studio, Madrid. Corten made of solid oak wood and one can choose from several different finishes. The design is so […]

403, 2011

Creative Modern Washbasin in Fossil Design by Bagno Sasso

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Bagno Sasso is a reliable company to create furniture in the bathroom. Some results from their designers is very good and unique. One of them is this Ammonit washbasin. A cool washbasin with an unusual design, came up with fossil design, makes water will flow in a spiral. Ammonit made […]

701, 2011

Colorful Resin Basin Glows Ambient Light in The Night

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This is one of the unique furniture that can beautify the inside of your home. Furniture be in the form of basin was made by Neo-Metro, a company that creates contemporary bath decor products with the classic and industrial look. This time the basin with Erb Concept is a mainstay […]