1801, 2013

The 5 Top Trends for Home Design in 2013

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Designers and homeowners alike are looking for something warmer than the cold stainless steel minimalism that has been so prevalent over the last two decades. Whilst many frontline designers have started experimenting on showroom floors, 2013 is tipped to see a significant resurgence of organic shapes, colours and textures in […]

2811, 2012

Bronze Collection Of Animals Coffee Tables Emerging Out Of Glass Surfaces

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A transparent glass table top is pierced by the body of an animal, making it look like the “beast” is emerging out of the water. This Animal Coffee and Dining Table is Mark Stoddart’s. This table is quite interesting alternative to a simple coffee and dining table design. There are […]

2501, 2012

Simple Modern Furniture Sets Called BlancoWhite by Santa & Cole

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The collection of this simple modern furniture is called BlancoWhite from Santa & Cole. BlancoWhite is a set of furniture which includes tables, desktop platforms, plinths, wall-mounted shelves and freestanding display units. The furnitures can be configured in any forms depend on your […]

612, 2011

Beautiful Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

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One of the most enjoyable in the moment of Christmas is when dining with family. All the delicious food served would be better if the table is also decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations. There are some things that need to be prepared to decorate the table, such as making some […]

1511, 2011

Grand Canyon Table by Amit Apel Design With Decorative Crack Design

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Amit Apel Design,a custom design firm based in Woodland Hills, California created evolutionary design of a table, that is Grand Canyon Table. As you can see the pictures below, Grand Canyon Table has a nice decorative crack adorning half of the table, the table overall is made from […]

709, 2011

Alma Table by Roberta Rampazzo – Eco Friendly Minimalist Table Furniture

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The following table is unique and cute desktop called Alma Table by Roberta Rampazzo. This table clearly created by someone with a good sense of humor. Wooden tables, it’s true, but wood is wood that remains in acrylic frame. Alma Table by Roberta Rampazzo means “soul” in Spanish, and it is […]