2811, 2012

Cleverly-Designed Walk-in-Closet Showcasing Practicability and Style

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Sometimes women can’t controll their desires to buy much things that can make them look perfect. Shoes, clothes, and kinds of accessories are a must for women. We offer this very well organized walk-in-closet. It is designed by Hosun Ching and surely the women will enjoy it. Flodeau discovers this […]

2501, 2012

Simple Modern Furniture Sets Called BlancoWhite by Santa & Cole

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The collection of this simple modern furniture is called BlancoWhite from Santa & Cole. BlancoWhite is a set of furniture which includes tables, desktop platforms, plinths, wall-mounted shelves and freestanding display units. The furnitures can be configured in any forms depend on your […]

2312, 2011

Thoughtful Shelves a Cool Book Shelves in Trendy Design

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If you think a book shelves model that usual and boring then you will soon be revealed otherwise after seeing these book shelves. Following book shelves design is very modern and trendy looks, one part is bubble-shaped which is the symbol of […]