Wall Decoration

2201, 2013

Add the Finishing Touch to Any Room with A Feature Wall

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These days, getting your home’s decoration to the height of fashion seems easier than ever to achieve, and not to mention a good deal cheaper than it used to be, but why is this? Well, for one, the historical tendency to fill your home with as much lavish furniture and […]

1512, 2011

Colorful Kids’ Room Wallpapers Ideas by Allison Krongard

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For those of you who really love your kids and want to see them happy, just try the following ideas. Apply beautiful and cute wallpapers for your kids’ room. Designer Allison Krongard have been inspired by her son, she created a collection of colorful wallpapers for kids room […]

1104, 2011

Nya Walls The Beautiful Textile Wall Panels by Nya Nordiska

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Here is a wall panel with the texture of textiles, wall panel called Nya Walls by Nya Nordiska has won awards. Its not surprising since this wall panel is created and formed using a polyurethane with patended casting method. So this is a really beautiful wall panel. Nya Walls are […]

803, 2011

Shape and Form Wallpaper Decorating Ideas by Graham&Brown

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Are you dreaming of a beautiful, elegant, and cool wall in your house? Here is the the walls decorating idea of your dreams. The shape and form wallpaper decorations by Sensual Geometric offers optical illusions, geometric shape, and a plethora of ways to play with light and shadow. And also […]