1912, 2012

20 Functional and Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Cozy Homes

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Your bathroom is small and needs some decorations? We will offer some tips for it! The tips below surely contain lot of inspirations how to decorate your small bathroom become more functional without loosing its beauty. We give 20 photos of […]

511, 2012

Selecting Best Bathroom Accessories for Your Bathroom

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For the décor, feel and functionality of a bathroom, bathroom accessories play a significant role. The right accessories in the bathroom make the feel of a bathroom extremely ravishing. One can choose the cheapest accessories and yet make the decoration of a bathroom inexplicably stylish and wonderful. Choosing the right […]

302, 2012

Modern Bathroom Interior Improvements by Blanca Sanchez

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Besides the bedroom, the bathroom is our another private room in the house. As a private room of course we want our bathroom to be comfortable, and if you are looking for inspiration for that, here is the stunning modern bathroom interior improvements by Blanca Sanchez from Halo Design Interiors.

And here are some words from the designers about […]

1312, 2011

Bathroom Furnitures in Practical, Simple and Original Design by Ex.t

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Meneghello Paolelli Associati, is a design agency from Italy that has created many unique and outstanding work for sanity products, including bathroom appliances. As in the interview conducted by Freshome.com, they provide an advice that the bathroom should be a room that is more than just […]

1809, 2011

Glamorous Bathroom Vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta

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These beautiful and glamorous bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta will bring your bathroom from lusterless to lavishness! Get inspired by their classical elegance for an impractical bathroom design you will enjoy. The Deco vanities are a cross between the Art Deco era and contemporary artwork. Their exciting silhouettes are […]

2203, 2011

Modern and Futuristic Toilet Called Toto Ultimate Clean Toilet by Young Sang Eun

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Are you a fan or looking for the futuristic furniture? please take a look at this furniture below. Here is a futuristic toilet designed by Young Sang Eun. It feature automatic moving, UV light, and hot steam system. So you can get all the futuristic thing here. One more benefit […]