702, 2013

Upgrade Your Two Story House with A Staircase Makeover

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A staircase makeover can do amazing things to breathe new life into your existing two story house plan. The staircase is often a major functional and design element in two story homes. Just remodeling the stairs can add value and beauty to any home, whether the stairs are meant to […]

2401, 2013

Doghouse In Modern Sofa

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You have dog at home? And sometimes he distrub your relaxing break? You should read this article. Sofa Dog Houses is the latest breakthrough was designed for you and your dog at home. Dog House Sofa, designed by “Min n Mun” is a fantastic piece of furnishing, ideal […]

2704, 2011

Best Home Designs And Decorations of March 2011

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Hey ya HnF mates, if you missed the home designs or home decorations that we covered on March 2011, you can take a look at this. Here are the Best Home Designs And Decorations of March 2011. Don’t forget to take a look at […]

2404, 2011

Best Furniture, Products, And Room Decorations of March 2011

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Here are some best product and furniture designs which were covered on Home And Furnituire Gallery(HnF) during March 2011. If you’ve missed them than don’t hesitate to check them out.Thank you mate..

  • Plano Acquario Shower With […]