Christmas is coming and now is the time we start getting ready to design all preparations or decorations to greet Christmas. Maybe some of us already decorating the rooms in our house, such as living room, guess room, or dining room. But if you do not forget on a place that also important? Do you already have an idea to decorate the bed? If not, You came into the right place, we present some ideas to decorate our bedroom with Christmas lights. Look at the variety of Christmas lights that can bring joy to the beauty of Christmas with you. You can use various types of Christmas lights decoration, from small lights to lanterns. Will look more beautiful when added with our creative ideas.

Christmas Lights decorations in bedroom with lanterns

Christmas lights looks great decorating the curtain

Beautiful lights in a bedroom


Cute lighting branch inside bedroom

Bedroom decor with Christmas lighting ideas

Blue lighting brings calm feels inside bedroom

Ceiling lamps could be a cool ideas for Christmas decors

Christmas lighting tree decoration for bedroom

Nice one bedroom lighting ideas

This christmas lights really awesome , feels like a bedroom heaven