Everybody wants to have beautifully decorated bathroom. It is the first room you enter in the morning to freshen up, and the one you go to after a hard day at work, when all you want is to relax in a hot tub surrounded with a couple of scented candles, a glass of wine, and a smooth jazz playing in the background. But to really set the right mood, your bathroom needs to be perfectly decorated to suit you and your personality. The first and most important thing to think about are tiles, as they are the base of the room, the ones that set the mood.


On a Cloud Nine

What has never really gone out of style is the combination of sky blue and white tiles that give your bathroom quite simple, but also clean look. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to these two, as you can make the floor white, walls blue, and vice versa, but probably the most unique decorative idea would be to create an ombre look for your bathroom, which will really give out the impression that you are surrounded with clouds. And what is a sky without the sun, so do not forget to put some yellow details to warm up the place a little bit.


Feet Firm on the Ground

What everybody absolutely adore are earthly tones and the reflection of nature in their bathrooms. That is why many go for dark brown tiles for both the walls and the floor, while the rest of the installations vary from white to even gold. But what you have to remember is that such dark tones can never go with a small bathroom, as they eat up what is left of the space, so do it only if the room is big enough, and there is enough natural light. Finally, to break the monotony but still maintain that natural look, add green toiletries, towels, a rug and drapes.

Bathroom of Tomorrow

For those who are in love with everything that is modern, future brings all white, minimalistic look to their bathrooms. Big ice-cold blocks of clean white tiles together with white bathtub, a low, spacious sink and minimalistic dorf tapware installed contribute to that futuristic, but also a bit sterile look, for those who love their bathrooms spotless clean.