A staircase makeover can do amazing things to breathe new life into your existing two story house plan. The staircase is often a major functional and design element in two story homes. Just remodeling the stairs can add value and beauty to any home, whether the stairs are meant to be an attractive design feature of the house or not. There are several ways to create a new staircase and enhance a two story house plan. Read on to get four ideas that can inspire your own design.

Add A Sleek New Banisters

Replacing the old banister with a newer model can change the entire look and feel of the staircase. There are many materials for staircase banisters, and the one you choose should be based on the design style of the home. For homes that have a more classical or Victorian look, carved banisters made of rich real wood perfectly compliment the style. Modern design or contemporary style homes can benefits from banisters made of innovative materials, such as metals or glass. There are even banisters made of marble and stone. You just might be surprised what an impact a new banister can make on the staircase and the rest of your two story home.

Banisters Made of  Glass

Banisters Made of Glass


Carved Banisters Made of Rich Real Wood

Carved Banisters Made of Rich Real Wood

New Material for The Steps

The very steps of a staircase serve not only to give the unit its function, but are a main part of the overall look. Replacing old steps with new materials can make the staircase feel new again. This is a necessary step for staircases whose steps have been damaged or are missing, but is also a great method of redesign. It may be that you simply want to replace the carpeting, but it is also good to consider various replacement options, such as wood, marble, even metal, glass, and stone. For example, South West house designs are famous for using intricate, distressed, wood designs.

Wood Step Staircase

Wood Step Staircase

Give that Old Staircase a Paint Job

Paint has the remarkable ability to restore old things to new and make items look completely different. This is the same effect it will have on your staircase. Try going with a bold new color that accents the décor and style of the rest of the house. You could even use special textured painting techniques and tools to really increase style. Do not be afraid to introduce new colors on the staircase. While most staircases are painted neutral colors, doing something a bit different may prove to be the right approach for your home.

Do A Complete Remodel

Sometimes new paint, steps, and banisters simply are not enough to make a homeowner satisfied with their staircases. It may be that a complete remodel is needed. This is the strategy that will have the most effect on your two story house plans. You might change out an old staircase for a brand new wrought-iron spiral model or a contemporary new glass staircase. If you are willing to have a major construction project going on in your home, then ripping out the old staircase and completely redoing it may prove to be the best idea.