Here is a musical furniture with unique and modern shapes. This cool furniture called The Peanut, why do “peanut”? yes .. of course because The Peanut is designed like a peanut. Miniwiz, a Taiwanese company known for its variety of green technology innovations and trends within each product is the company behind the creation of The Peanut.

The Peanut was created to make a fun atmosphere, by providing musical entertainment where there is 2.1 CH, built-in amplifier with subwoofer sound system. For users of Apple’s gadgets like the iPad, iPhone or iPod, The Peanut has a dock that is designed specifically for your gadgets. Not just can be used as musical furniture, six outer layers of The peanut can be unloaded and used as a seat or shelves.

As mentioned above, that Miniwiz can be called as a green application innovator, The Peanut was created from environmentally friendly materials, that’s from compressed wood layers with heat up to become a unique shapes like this. For those of you who want to contribute in Go Green movement, then here’s The Peanut, a cool musical furniture for better future. Turn it up!

The Peanut, musical furniture by Miniwiz



The Peanut suitable for Apple's gadgets

The Peanut can be unloaded and used as a seat or shelves

Led lights radiate through the top surface

The Peanut made by veneer wood thermally compressed

Miniwiz, the creator of The Peanut musical furniture