bio-ethanol fireplace

1310, 2011

Portable Fireplaces for Outdoors or Indoors in Contemporary Design

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The following  portable fireplaces and firelamps are easy to carry around the house, because they’re simply designed so it can be placed indoors or outdoors. These all are using bio-ethanol fuel, hence it is good for the environtment. Most of these are stainless steel and ceramic with high temperature endurance.You […]

2102, 2011

Terragen The Stylish Volcano Fireplace by Flying Cavalries

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Have you just look at fireplace design that is ordinary? Or do you think the current fireplace design is boring? Let’s break that statement together, for the first look at this fireplace design by Flying Cavalries Terragen, UK. . The pattern of natural wooden framing around the fireplace, and have […]