beach house design

709, 2011

The Marcus Beach House – Eco Friendly House Design Surrounded by Landscape

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The Marcus Beach House is a great example of eco-friendly house design with maximize of natural light and surrounded by landscape. This house located in Queensland, Australia and designed by Australian studio Bark Design Architects. Here is the project description from the architects: “The basic […]

2208, 2011

Modern Summer Beach House with Castle Exterior Design – contemporary beach house.

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Have you seen the castle on the beach? or if you have a dream castle with panoramic blue sea? Here is the design of a modern beach house with designs such as castles. Very luxurious design with minimalist, contemporary look combines with his natural surroundings. A big house with an […]

502, 2011

Very Colorful Beach House With Nuance of Playhouse

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Have you ever seen a very rousing beach house? If not this is where you can find it. This beach house is designed with various colors and decorations which are very varied. Make this house as a family playground, and I believe that all children would have really liked living […]

1201, 2011

Contemporary Beach House Design with Rooftop Swimming Pool

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Here is 3600 square foot beach house was designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.  Houses located on Jupiter Island, Florida, separated in three areas: the rest space, entertaining space , and contemplative living space. Each segment of this contemporary beach house is oriented to capture light and views. Fritted glass ceramic […]

2312, 2010

Beach House Bedroom Decorations

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Is there a more beautiful bedrooms than the beach house bedroom ? It’s a great place, when you wake up you will be directly treated with a panoramic beach view. Maybe it makes you not want to get out of bed. Sounds unbelievable but it is real. However, sometimes this is […]

1512, 2010

Hawaiian Tropical House Design

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Tropical house is one of the most popular design idea people love, especially those who are residing in the tropics. And this is one good reference for those of you who want to realize that dream. Tropical house in rural Maui, Hawaii, by Pete Bossley Architects. With a […]