1104, 2011

Luxury Concrete Wave Bathtub by DadeDesign

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Here is a model of contemporary bathtub by DadeDesign. This bathtub has a smooth arc toward the bottom, but it also has a line that divides bathtub into two. The purpose of this divide is, the tub can be delivered in two parts and then mounted in place, […]

201, 2011

Stone Bathtub Design from Neutra

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This is a unique and unusual bathtub design, which is made of stone material. While performing with an unusual design, but makes this tub looks elegant and luxurious. This stone bathtub is the design of Neutra. Neutra has issued four stone bathtub design. There is a round, square, until oval. […]

2012, 2010

Stylish Wooden Finished Bathtub called Naja Art

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Blu Beu create a modern bath with a natural touch. Naja Art, which is a bathtub with a wood finish that comes in 2 versions. The first is called the Peninsula, made with three wood panels, a front removable and two fixed side panels. Meanwhile, another one that is Corner, […]

1812, 2010

Round Acrylic Bathtub called Soleil

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Bathtubs production from Porcelanosa is named Soleil. This tub is round with a diameter of 170cm. With the size of the tub is quite large bathtub, Dann could be used for more than one person. Made of acrylic base with a choice of white acrylic or natural maple. This bathtub […]

1012, 2010

Futuristic Double Space Bathtub by Sanindusa

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Melissa Vilar has designed a futuristic square-shaped bathtub with a size large enough. With that size, this tub is ideal for two people. Perhaps the producers Sanindusa aim it to married couples, its seen with the couple backrests on it, so they can spend their time in this tub. Bathtubs […]

212, 2010

Saving Place Bathtub Gen-x by Treesse

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Gen-X Bathtubs produced by Treesse is the tub for a corner which comes with transparent acrylic door in the corner. Treesse expertise in creating the bathtub is evident in several features that are implemented such as blowers, hydromassage, color therapy, light, radio, heater, and disposal with refills tub. Thus, although […]