104, 2015

What Your Bathroom Tiles Say About You

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Everybody wants to have beautifully decorated bathroom. It is the first room you enter in the morning to freshen up, and the one you go to after a hard day at work, when all you want is to relax in a hot tub surrounded with a couple of […]

1502, 2013

Five Things You Can Change To Make Your Bathroom Look Better

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Your bathroom should be the place where you relax, refresh and recharge, so make sure you’re not short-changing yourself with drab fixtures, fittings and accessories. Whether you have hundreds to spend on a revamp or just a few pounds, you can make changes that will improve your bathroom and revive […]

2408, 2011

Trendy Black and White Washbasin Collections in Stylish Design

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The combination of white and black, looks beautiful and elegant. Therefore Bathco presents their new collection, Decorado wahsbasin in black and white colors. Patterns and colors for a special atmosphere in the room. Most sinks can be installed as a desk or a wall, allowing […]

2203, 2011

Simple, Chic, and Modern Bathroom Collections from Karol Furniture

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Marc Sadler has designed beautiful bathroom ideas, some of them mixed with Karol furniture, such as washbasin and mirror. This collection aimed for the small bathroom to get high quality design in limited space. Marc Sadler created a modern touches and chic look bathroom, you […]

201, 2011

Stone Bathtub Design from Neutra

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This is a unique and unusual bathtub design, which is made of stone material. While performing with an unusual design, but makes this tub looks elegant and luxurious. This stone bathtub is the design of Neutra. Neutra has issued four stone bathtub design. There is a round, square, until oval. […]

101, 2011

Amazing Modern Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas by Floral

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The bathroom is an important part of our house, and all homes have this important room. mendi room is also often used as a place to Spend much time. Of course, if the bathroom has a beautiful design, will be somewhere more comfortable again. Here is one of them, wooden […]