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1809, 2011

Original and Stylish Design of Scandinavian Apartment

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The following apartment with Scandinavian design does look very comfortable! The main room is decorated with black and gold stripes of the wallpaper. The floor was made ??of wooden planks that bright, bare feet make you feel very soft. The living room is on the left, while the kitchen is […]

1802, 2011

Elegant, Comfort, and Clean Apartment Design of Serrano

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A-Cero Archticets again proved their capacity in terms of design, the following is an apartment by A-Cero. When we see this apartment designs, the impression of luxury, comfort, and quality immediately welcomed us. Large windows and skylights in the lounge, dining room and halls make this apartment has a high […]

2601, 2011

Minimalist Apartment Interior Design with Black and White Theme

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This minimalist apartment is the design result of Bulgarian designers, Jovo Bozhinovski. The 110 square meters apartment is designed with a theme of black and white, didn’t use a lot of material in design. Absolutely minimalist, especially with the use of materials such as lacquered MDF, glass, fiberglass, metal, etc. […]

1701, 2011

Apartment Design Ideas With Taste of Ocean Livingspace

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Baltic Sea is the inspiration of the creation of this luxury apartment. And this apartment is located near the beach, in Kaliningrad, Russia. This apartment have the parts as ordinary houses, the entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom of course. If we enter these rooms, then […]

1601, 2011

Cozy Small Apartment Design in 45 Square Meter Area

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The following are examples of apartments that you may be very inspiring. If you see the design below, we never knew that the apartment is not large (only 45 square meters) are used to very severe and messy. But in the hands of interior designers Remírez Cristina Ganuza and Jerome […]