All kids must possess the heroes of their childhood like a superhero or the action figures, sometime when they are old they still wanted their idol to fulfill a side of the house by placing action figure toys in their collection cupboard. But not infrequently some of them felt that the toys or action figure of childhood is no longer a vital role in life that inspiring them. That’s what makes two entrepreneurs, namely EVIL ED and DAN Robotic to restore the role of all the toys that have accompanied our growth.

EVIL ED and Dan Robotic created the Evil Robot Designs, by using action figure toy they combine and sculpt in a lamp and striking high-gloss finish. There are several action figures they have made, such as The Matrix, Thunderbirds, Shrek, Star Wars, He-Man and Spider-Man, for more details, let’s look at the picture – the picture below.

Super Red Lamp by EVIL ED and Dan Robotic

action figure lamp

Super Red Lamp Detail


action figure furniture

The Black and White Beast Lamp

The Matrix Black Lamp


The Matrix Black Detail


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