This minimalist chair named Stuck Chair and design by Utrecht based Studio Oato. The Stuck chair has been applied for the ARC12 Chair design contest initiated by Thonet and dutch architecture magazine de Architect. This chair was created by taking apart all the elements of an archetypal chair and rearranged as if they were simply stuck together, that’s why it’s called Stuck Chair. Creating this chair doesn’t need additional supports, all the elements have a leading and supporting role in the total structure of the chair.

Studio Oato’s Stuck Chair

Minimalist Chair Design With An Elegant Appearance by Studio Oato

The seating and legs are made from wood and the backrest is made out of steel. So, surely this chair is squirm tight and won’t loose its shape when force is applied. This Stuck Chair is made from oak wood and the backrest is made from powder-coated steel.

Studio Oato’s Stuck Chair – Side View

Studio Oato’s Stuck Chair Detailed

Studio Oato’s Stuck Chair – Leg