The residence below is designed to keep the privacy of the owner. As you can see that the side facing the street is pretty closed, while the oppocite facade is open towards beautiful yard. It’s Schuler Villa which designed by Andrea Pelati Architecte. The dark color covering the outer side of Schuler Villa also represent the surveillance of owner’s privacy. For further information about this Schuler Villa, let’s read description from the architects: On the ground floor, the rental apartment has the advantage of a direct access to the garden bordered with trees. In the higher levels, the entrance hall of the main apartment connects to the bedroom’s hall and a staircase that leads to the attic. At this level, the entire space is dedicated to the day zone. On the south side, the terrace extends the dining room and is opened on the park and the roof landscape of the old village.The varying height of the façade walls builds a screen against sights and allows the occupants to enjoy this space with complete serenity. On the north side, the living room is extended through a second terrace with a direct access to the private garden. The view opens then widely on the vine fields and the Jura Mountains”. For us, Schuler Villa is a nice idea to keep our privacy but it must be quite being “far” from neighbor. What about you,fellas?

switzerland home

Schuller Villa Compact Home in Switzerland That Will Keep The Owner Privacy

modern villa balcony

Schuller Villa balcony with good point of view

two-storey villa

Second Storey of Schuller Villa




villa interior design

Minimalist interior design with good furniture



Stairway design of Schuller Villa, minimalist meet natural materials


minimalist interior decorations of villa

Schuller Villa interior decorations look from top

Other facade which open towards the garden

The green environtment around Schuler Villa


reference of Schuler Villa, here.