Our bedrooms are our sanctuary and when we are young they are the very first rooms we come to love. We plaster them with posters of our idols, cover our bedroom doors with do not enter signs, and decorate our bedrooms in a way that makes us comfortable. As we grow older our interests change though, and pretty soon a bedroom can begin to feel a little old. Thankfully, with a little bit of TLC and a few quirky bedroom ideas, it is relatively easy to re-create a bedroom to its former magnificent state. So what of those quirky bedroom ideas?

Find below 4 excellent bedroom ideas that can be dreamt about or indeed brought to life within your room.

1. Statement wall

Chances are you have four walls in your bedroom, unless it is a circle, or a triangle, or hexagon (wow, 6 walls!). If that’s the case, a statement wall can be fantastic. Much like a living areas feature wall, a statement wall should stand out from all others.  For teenagers and younger children, you don’t need any paint at all. Simply get a load of posters which say a lot about you, such as posters of musicians, actors, fast cars or cartoon characters, and plaster them across your statement wall in a way so that each can be seen. Overlapping more posters makes it feel even more sophisticated.

Statement Wall

Statement Wall


2. TV Bed

A bed should be comfortable, relaxing and at the end of a hard day invite us to rest. In the 21st century, they can also do so much more than that, and one such function is the ability to hold a television within the footboard which will rise up at the press of a button. This is a space saving tactic, and also immensely cool. There are a great range of TV bed’s available online, including single, double and king size variants and whilst you may think they will be hugely expensive, they genuinely aren’t in cases. In fact, they can cost no more than a regular bed.

Shopia TV Bed

Shopia TV Bed


3. Specific style’s of lamp

Lamps are boring, that’s just a fact, but do they really need to be? Sure, your interaction with a lamp starts and ends with flipping a switch, however they should at least look amazing in my book. You can create a fantastic feature in a room by purchasing a lamp which fits in with your style. That means for a little girl a pink Barbie lamp would look fantastic, for a ten year old boy a Ferrari lamp would look great and for your teenage son who listens to heavy metal a cool industrial lamp would be ideal.

Cool Lamp Shade for Kids

Cool Lamp Shade for Kids


4. Fairy lights

Good lighting is essential to be able to see. Without it, we would be in the dark! It makes sense then that lighting is big business, and right now fairy lights are extremely fashionable. Why? Well that’s because they look great anywhere, including the bedroom, and can be implemented almost anywhere too. Fairy lights can be stuck to any surface and all they need is a regular power socket to connect them. Enjoy hanging them from a ceiling, sticking them to skirting boards, or highlighting a work of art you are proud of.

Fairy Lamp

Fairy Lights


Holly Powell writes on behalf of tvbed.co.uk, the TV bed specialists.


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