Sometime strict regulations of a city’s planning requirements makes architects or clients confuse of how to develop a great house. but it seems it’s not a problem for Chenchow Little Architects to create an architectural masterpiece. For example is this Pitched Roof House, a contemporary house which meets the need between the client and strict regulations. Here is the architect’s description about Pitched Roof House: “Unlike a traditional pitched roof, the triangles not only pitch up, but also invert to form a faceted roof plane. The triangular geometry of the roof is continued down onto the facades of the house, and became the basis for articulating openings.The variability of the triangular geometry gave us the freedom to push and pull the building form as required to suit the brief of the client, the local town planning codes, the scale of the neighboring roofs, and the requirement for solar access to the living rooms.The living rooms are located on the top floor to take advantage of the sculptural roof plane, the views across Sydney harbor, and sunlight. Bedrooms are located on the lower levels were outlook and solar access are compromised by neighboring houses.”

Pitched Roof House by Chenchow Little Architects

Pitched Roof House with Triangle Rooftop design


Contemporary rooftop design of Pitched Roof House




Interior design of Pitched Roof House

Dining room design of Pitched Roof House

Triangular geometry decorates the house

Pantry view of Pitched Roof House

Contemporary home respect the regulations

Staircase design of Pitched Roof House

Reference of Pitched Roof House, here.