German Studio Ziben presents a collection of contemporary minimalist furniture with a bit Japanese sensation. Every pieces are created from natural wood, They came in neutral colors such as  white, dark brown, and beige.  With that colors you can easily put them on every side of your rooms.The expressive style is definitely minimalist and really practical, it cues of some mixture of Japanese piece of furniture and European style look at this striped chair – the shape pretends of traditional Japanese style just the whole look tells of minimalist style. A wonderful clerk’s desk is really fashionable and practical! It’s a tiny classic work desk in natural wood on white lacquered top. All these pieces would beautify your quad and very good bond to the minimalist style.

minimalist small cabinets by Ziben simple furniture with slight japanese touch

minimalist small cabinets by Ziben


upholstered minimalist rocking chair by Studio Ziben simple

upholstered minimalist rocking chair



full wooden chair by Studio Ziden

wooden chair by Studio Ziden


Casual table by Studio Ziben

Casual table by Studio Ziben


minimalist chair with japanese touuch

recycling chair's elements and old floorboard, signed

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