Head designer at merely, Marcin Wielgosz, has created wonderful and functional sofa called Hocky. Hocky is a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, made entirely of segments which once sticked together, form a comfy sofa. Each segments have their own individual functionality. It is serving as armchairs.

Hocky by Marcin Wielgosz

Hocky Furniture

Hocky’s armrest can transfrom into many forms, such as small tables in a blink of an eye, a sofa, a small couch and an armchair or only armchairs.The hardwood tables support laptops, books and other stuff you need for working, that’s why it also can be placed in your working room.

Side viewed Hocky by Marcin Wielgosz

Hocky is be pleased to be everything as you need. Easily choosing, moving and combining as you wish to be. So, let you imagination float, then see what Hocky will be.

Hocky-Piece-by Marcin Wielgosz

One of Hocky Piece by Marcin Wielgosz