Packing the bedroom or bedroom removals can seem pretty easy and straightforward – this is usually not a cluttered room, one with few large pieces of furniture and even fewer electronics, not to mention that it is usually fairly well organized, so there is no need to sort through piles of clutter. There are, however a few setbacks when it comes to bedroom removals, such as the fact that this room typically contains some of the largest furniture pieces in the house, or the fact that it is never directly connected to the outside and thus everything has to be carried through the rest of the house to be taken outside. Of course, this is usually an issue the removers can handle on their own. However, there are still a couple of things you can do to make sure that everything goes according to plan and that your move is relatively easy and hassle-free for everyone involved.



The first thing you need to do is plan how you’re going to approach the bedroom removals. Usually the best idea will be to pack the smallest items first, then do electronics and leave the job of moving the largest pieces of furniture (bed, wardrobe, etc.), as well as the ones that need to be uninstalled or taken apart, such as the shelves, to the removers to take apart, pack and move. Make sure to let them know that this will be part of the job, however, because it may factor into the price.

Bedroom removals tips

Tips how to pack and move the bedroom

The second bedroom removals tips is when packing the smaller items, stick to three main principles. Firstly, save space wherever possible. Try to put the smallest items in any available free space in the boxes in between larger items. This way you will have fewer boxes to move and the whole operation will be much simpler. Secondly, do not take anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. This is your chance to simplify and minimize, so use it. Any old bedding that you’ve been meaning to replace can be left behind. So can any cosmetics or supplies which can be easily repurchased upon arrival. Therefore, there is no reason to use up space for these items. Lastly, remember to pack items according to the order in which you plan to unpack them things that you plan on putting in the same place, should go in one box together. For example bedding should go together and so should clothes and shoes, along with anything else you plan on storing in the wardrobe. This will make the unpacking process much simpler.

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Tips About Bedroom Removals

Next,try to clean the mattress before packing it and then wrap it in plastic. You will be extremely busy with unpacking after arrival, so it is best to just save yourself this part of the work. If you’ve cleaned the mattress thoroughly before packing it, you will be able to get away with a simple dusting in your new bedroom.

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And the last, it is a good idea to pack a survival kit. You may arrive late at your new location or you may be too tired to unpack the bedroom immediately. If you pack a bag or rucksack of essentials, you will feel comfortable through your  first night in the new place, without having to go digging through your boxes right away. Some things that might go into the kit include a bedding pack (sheet, duvet cover/duvet, pillow cases), comfortable pyjamas and slippers, maybe your cosmetic essentials. It may also be helpful to bring some kind of entertainment or distraction, like a good book for instance.

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