Tropical house is one of the most popular design idea people love, especially those who are residing in the tropics. And this is one good reference for those of you who want to realize that dream. Tropical house in rural Maui, Hawaii, by Pete Bossley Architects. With a wide open space, this house is very cool place to live. Home page that blend in with the green environment, adding to the impression of comfort. From the front, luxury home design with a modern concept looks of wide glass that protects the front of the house. This tropical house interior is unbelievably luxurious, various furniture that is used is also very supportive. There is a pool of water in various places to give the impression of cool, and also a swimming pool in the area of the page.

"tropical house"

Dream tropical house in hawaii – front view

"dream tropical house"

Floor separated with water pool

"indoor outdoor"

The indoor and outdoor are connected

"swimming pool"

Swimming pool inside the house, side by nice yard

"open space"

The space room looks so fresh


Trees that add to the impression of a tropical

"lounge room"

dream tropical house in hawaii – lounge view

"guess room"

Dream tropical house in hawaii – guess room view

"glass wall"

Glass wall make us can look outside clearly although inside the house