Need awesome furniture for completing your residential space? We recommend these chairs. Marzt Edition’s A 500 2 Chair has a contemporary shape available in four design variants, the Confort version boasts power, the Eiffel one is reminiscent of the complex construction of France’s symbol, the Stripes version constructs a soberer atmosphere, while the Bubble chair features a playful backrest design.

Marzt Edition Chair A-500-2


All the chair designs give an elegant alternative to usual chairs and adds character to any given space. Those chairs available with a set of customizable features. For examples, an aluminium or wooden body,and fabric or leather upholstery. Marzt Edition’s chairs not only give perfect and unique design, but also a comfortable seating experience, because the design follows the contours of the body. Just pick one of your favourite!

Martz Edition Chair – green

Marzt Edition Chair A-500-2- Purple

Martz Edition Chairs various colours