These beautiful and glamorous bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta will bring your bathroom from lusterless to lavishness! Get inspired by their classical elegance for an impractical bathroom design you will enjoy. The Deco vanities are a cross between the Art Deco era and contemporary artwork. Their exciting silhouettes are arranged upon thin legs with jewel-like finishes that reflect, and hardware that you can not hold your hands off of. The Deco vanity is available in floor and wall-mounted models. Featuring the same level of luxury just more stylish twist, the Victory vanities come in a palette of rich, shiny comes up, optional designs decorating the cabinet fronts and vessels, and even integrated lighting. Matched on ultra-contemporary hardware, the Victory vanities make a modern statement. For more detail you can visit Arte Bagno Veneta.

Arte Deco 3 bathroom vanities

Gorgeous bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta


Arte Deco 8 the gorgeous gold bathroom vanities



Desk of Arte 8 Finishing by Foglia Oro


Arte Deco 5 with white elegant bathroom vanities


Arte Deco 5 finishing by Tortora Perlato


Silver metalic bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta