When you move furniture and you don’t have the choice of working with a moving company because of money constraints or other reasons you are the only one you can really count on apart from maybe family and friends. No matter how you look at it there will be some aspects of planning you’ll have to deal with before all is said and done, so here are some useful tips to get you started on moving your household furniture yourself or with friends:


1. Analyze the situation

Take a step back and survey the whole picture before the move. Measure every piece of furniture and make yourself a floor plan on graph paper so you can keep it accurate and consider the dimensions of everything you’ll have to move.

2. Empty everything

Make sure everything inside the furniture goes out – anything inside drawers and so on. Take the cushions off the chairs, the mirrors, the knobs and anything that can be removed so it doesn’t get in the way. Doing this will not only make the piece of furniture lighter, but it will also make it slimmer, allowing you to easily squeeze them through doorways. Of course if your piece can get through the door then you should avoid doing that since its only recommended when there is no other choice.

3. Tie up the sofa

Remove any cushions from the sofa to lighten it up and use a strap on the rest to avoid its bed frame from falling out. This will make handling it easier.

Furniture Removals Tips

Tie up the sofa


4. Using sliders

These are sold pretty much anywhere in either a hardware store or a furniture store. You can place them underneath the furniture and slide it along the way if its too heavy. On the other hand you can also use old blankets and pieces or rags to produce a similar effect.

5. Use a dolly

Putting some wheels on the furniture will allow you to move things around with greater ease of course. The worst case scenario of you don’t have a dolly is using dowel rods, though pay attention to the floors as these can really hurt them.

6. Tipping and walking

If a piece of furniture doesn’t make it through the door you should tilt it or even try moving and lifting it throughthe doorway diagonally. If something is too heavy then try moving it back and forth, making it “walk”. This allows you to move it across the room without breaking your back trying to lift it.

General Tips on Moving Furniture- tipping and walking

General Tips on Moving Furniture- tipping and walking

7. Other methods

You can lay on your back and press against the side of the piece of furniture. If you do this you’ll have more leverage and you’ll be able to push things further through a lower center of gravity. There is also the proper way of lifting heavy objects and that is by bending at the knees, then lifting with your legs by keeping your back straight. Think of Olympic weight lifters and the way they lift and you’ll get the idea.

General Tips on Moving Furniture

General Tips on Moving Furniture

Written by Ella Andrews, Ella Andrews is a writer and one of her greatest passion are home maintenance, home decorating and house or bedroom removals  projects.She is presently fsearching for new sources of inspiration and contributes articles mainly on house and office moving.