Out of all the rooms in a regular household, the bedroom is where we spend the majority of our time – we do sleep in there after all. Therefore, it would only be logic to put as much, if not more, effort into developing the appearance and ambience of your bedroom ahead of other home improvement projects.

The bedroom is the place where we go to relax, chill out and perhaps seek that bit of lone time that’s needed every now and again.
With this in mind, this blog post will attempt to highlight five ways to make your bedroom a greater environment to be in.

1.    Clean up your mess

Not all of us are clean freaks – in fact, I’d say most people are quite the opposite. However, now is the time to snap out of the habit. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying “tidy room, tidy mind” – well, it’s true. Studies have shown that cluttered rooms can leave people feeling stressed and anxious. A neat and organised surrounding cleanses the mind and can help us focus so be sure to have a routine bedroom tidy every one to two days.

How to clean up your bedroom

Clean up your messy bedroom

2.    Mix things up

Sometimes change is good. The mind can stagnate if we see the same old things positioned in exactly the same way over and over again. Think about mixing it up every now and again. Go ahead and move around your bedroom furniture. Try to create a setup that allows you plenty of free room to work with while having your bed in a prime position.

3.    Create a picture board

Thanks to the modern day innovations in technology, there are plenty of ways to store a bulky back catalogue of memorable and high-quality photos. But what is the best way to digest them? How about creating a picture board with a collage of images in your bedroom? Every time you enter your room you can be filled with happy memories and it’s a great way to show off your best photos to friends and family.

4.    Create a personal space

The primary function of a bedroom should be to sleep, of course. However, there are also other purposes where the room can be put to great use. Think about creating an office-style area where you can place a desk and a PC to help you become more productive with your studies or work-related objectives. Alternatively – or indeed additionally (if you have the space) – you could create a games area that you can designate to being a laid back part of the household.

How to clean bedroom

create a picture board, a personal space and get a lamp

5.    Get a lamp

If you don’t already have one, seriously consider getting a bedside lamp. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well, a bedside lamp can provide you with an excellent reason to start becoming more productive of a night time and to read a book in bed. Reading can improve your vocabulary, improve concentration and memory levels – there’s no excuse for not reading!

Written by Matthew Wood.