Evolution and art can become a very important element in the design. as well as on Enignum Chairs Collection by Joseph Walsh below. Chairs are very fantastic that is a form of a success in evolutionary of modern chairs. This chair is made from a combination of olive ash, copper and silk woven textile, finished in white oil. And the result, you can see the quality and beauty of this modern chairs. Here is a description of the designer about his work Eningnum Chairs Collection “In the Enignum series of work, I have stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing Them Compositions into free form. I then shape through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted forms the which is a unique collaboration of man and material. The title derives from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), for me They sum up the series: The Mystery of the composition lies in the material. “be prepared to welcome the evolution of modern chairs, this is it Enignum Chairs Collection:

modern chairs design

Enignum-III-Chair by Joseph Walsh


modern furniture design

Enignum III is an Evolutionary Chair


Enignum III Chair in other side




Enignum I Chair by Joseph Walsh


modern chair pictures

Modern Chair Namely Enignum I


Enignum II Chair by Joseph Walsh


Enignum II in Black Colors


here is the another review of Joseph Walsh’s Exceptional Enignum Modern Chairs Collection